The Demon guard are perverse creations, made by the Dark Herald as an answer to the omniguard. The Demon guard are a rare but terribly strong breed of half demon that can be created from the remains of fallen Omniguard or by abducting young ones(often under the age of 10) so their souls, minds, and bodies can ripped, torn, and remolded thousands upon thousands of times in order create a new and far more malevolent form of life. On another note the term "Demon hybrid" is technically inaccurate as demons do not have physical DNA, so the replication process can only be done via the modification of the soul which in turn changes the body, or in this context, corrupts it. The Demon guard themselves are thankfully very rare and in this age, spread out either within the Dark dominion or hiding in either Unified space or in the outer colonies. The Demon guard in terms of physicality are larger, stronger, and faster than the Omniguard by a considerable margin, so when reports of Demon guard come in, the response is normally overkill. There appearances also vary considerably, with some having grand dark wings while others are wreathed in black hell fire. Almost all of the remaining Demon guard retain a position of command, often having hosts of hideous demons and mutants that serve either out of sheer devotion or immeasurable fear. A separate point to be made is that not all Demon hybrids are Demon guard, as only those created with the remains of Omniguard are technically considered as such. Not to mention that simple Demon hybrids are much weaker than their greater cousins, though no less evil. As far as servitude goes, very few of the Demon guard actually serve the Archdemons, most only further their own ends but some still secretly devout themselves to the Dark herald, their original creator( some have also been seen under the command of Duurge). Though a few have gone on to become the Avatars of the Arch demons, most notably Vladiuus the vile