The Unified Administration is the primary governing bureaucratic group outside of the Overlords and the Overlords regents. The Unified Administration is based on Asran and as well as running the various armed forces and the Unified intelligence agency, the Unified Administration also gives direction and order to the Dominion Overseers who are the sub division leaders who maintain every Dominion with the exception of the first. And while the Unified Administration provides major civil direction for the more domestic side of Unified space, the armed forces under it's command receive relatively little direction from them and are mostly self contained with most maintenance being provided by the Marine Generals(Unified marines), Dominion Generals(Unified army), Division Commanders(Omniguard),Defender General(Universal defense),and the Grand admirals(Unified Navy).

Organizations under the watch of the Unified Administration include:

Institute of Tactical armaments(ITA)


Universal defenders

Guild munitions council

Unified army

Unified marines

Unified Navy

Cereb quatora( Unified intelligence agency)